De nouvelles données sur l’arrestation d’un membre A reflection of the nature of authority? Puzzle voler millions de l’agent de Villa Benz Toute personne qui pense que les Soviétiques truquèrent leurs élections alors que par principe, les États-Unis facilitèrent des élections honnêtes est un indécrottable naïf. Editions La Découverte, Après que l’image Omra sites de réseautage social envahis:

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The American aggression likely caused higher than official estimates of , Cambodian civilian deaths. Dan has sometimes said that he should have saved lives by going public years earlier with what he knew about the Vietnam War. The vast majority of Germans still oppose foreign missions and war operations by the Bundeswehr Armed Forces. In addition to the poor people who depend on food stamps to survive, working class children have been targeted. On the high end, two million deaths is a common number — though that number has likely been highly inflated for anti-Communist propaganda purposes. Do Mohamed Lamine a pris sa retraite de chanter?

I consider myself an informed listener and I consult with many and diverse news sources to get the fullest and clearest understanding of world affairs possible. Massr it due to cutbacks that you are unable to have investigative reporting from conflict areas that reports on all sides of an event, or is there something more jp3 going on exercising editorial control over what Canadians are allowed to hear from the Middle East via our national broadcaster?

fadel masar mp3

It is these Islamist militants—Ahrar al Sham and al Qaeda— that seized the food aid delivered by the ICRC last October—meant to last for 2 months—and is keeping the towns people on starvation rations, stockpiling the food then trying to sell it to the towns people for obscene prices.

It is the militants that are refusing to let the townspeople leave to find refuge in safe zones. It is these militants who are starving and killing them. While these areas of conflict are surrounded by government forces, it is the terrorists occupying the villages that are not surrendering and continue to use people as human shields ad for propaganda.

You are being played, and worse are a willing participant in a one-sided, anti-Syrian government, pro-Syria destruction campaign. These are the questions you should be asking. You are not listening to any of the voices coming from inside Syria because you seem to value those minority voices outside Syria that are vying for overthrow of the government and seek to grasp power for themselves in lockstep with western hegemonic agendas.

What you are promoting, maybe inadvertently, maybe not, is for Syria to be devastated by NATO the way Iraq and Libya were, and not for the human rights of the people of Syria. The text above originally appeared at The Wall Will Fall.

No real verification or citation of this image of the starving man was provided by the CBC or the SOHR, so we can assume then that this photo was one of many fakes which have also appeared in a number of western mainstream media outletsand all promoting the same familiar western pro-war and pro-regime change propaganda lines.

Not surprisingly, CNN proffered the original fraud which quickly went viral. Author Vanessa Beeley is a contributor to 21WIRE, and s inceshe has spent most of her time in the Middle East reporting on events there — as a independent researcher, writer, photographer and peace activist.

See more of her work at her blog The Wall Will Fall. Using the pretext of alleged incidents of sexual harassment in Köln Colognethe German media has launched a hysterical, racist campaign against millions of immigrants and Muslims. However, one day later, a second statement was issued that referred for the first time to alleged attacks on women.

Suddenly, the media exploded with allegations of mass sexual abuse, setting into motion a hysterical campaign directed against the immigrant population. A January 8 report by the Federal Ministry of the Interior announced that out of 31 suspects, 18 were refugees. Among the suspects were two Germans and an American. It was not until the period between January 8 and January 10 that the number of those alleging sexual harassment rose from to over So far, only two people have been arrested, and they have been released.

What actually occurred in Köln is not yet known. Some reports point to a provocation. Various international media outlets, including CNN, have reported that at least one undercover police agent had infiltrated the crowd and later reported she was assaulted.

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It is, of course, possible that there were incidents of hooliganism in which women were harassed. At any rate, given the absence of factual substantiation of what remain, at this point, no more than allegations, the ferocity of the press response can be explained only in political terms.


The political parties and the media have launched a campaign that for many decades would have been considered impossible in Germany. Some 70 years after the collapse of the Third Reich, the media is making use of the same disgusting types of racial stereotyping, with open fwdel to paranoid sexual fael, in which the Nazis specialized.

The newspaper also disseminated the image on Facebook. It is not only degenerate journalists who are purveying this racist filth. Leading German academics are also getting into the act. There is no mass popular base favel the racialist campaign.

It is being instigated and directed by the political elites. The political coordinates in Germany have shifted so far to the right that even the Left Party—a monument to political spinelessness—endorses calls mp33 an authoritarian state. This universal shift to the right in all sections of the political establishment masad, in fact, nothing to do with the events in Köln.

It is, rather, entirely bound up with the resurgence of German militarism. Recently, German Tornado jets joined the bombing campaign in Syria. But despite intensive efforts, the ruling elites have thus far failed to break the ingrained resistance of broad social layers to militarism. The vast majority of Germans still oppose foreign missions and war operations by the Bundeswehr Armed Forces. Now the issue of sexual violence against women masr being employed in an attempt to overcome this resistance.

The events in Köln are being exaggerated and exploited to this end.

fadel masar mp3

The racist smear campaign against refugees and immigrants is a means to prepare the expansion of the military intervention in the Middle East. It is a satirical political fantasy that imagines how a resurrected Hitler, emerging from his World War II bunker, would rebuild his political career with the help of the modern media.

According to the pro-government sources, dozens terrorists have been killed and many more wounded. We remember, on Jan. At least 8 civilians were killed and 23 injured. The Syrian forces are making significant efforts to seize the terrorist stronghold of Salma in the Kurdish Mountains. The clashes are continuing. About fzdel militant commanders of different militant groups have been killed by unknown fighters since December. The last development was observed on Jan. According to some experts, these actions could be conducted by the Syrian Special Forces which use information of the Russian Electronic Intelligence.

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Our work wont be possible without your help: Follow us on Social Media: Several developments in South Africa over the last few weeks have brought to the attention of the public the ongoing unfinished quest for national liberation and economic justice.

A social media post by Penny Sparrow, a real estate agent and member of the opposition Democratic Alliance party, denigrating Africans, went viral and ignited a discussion on the need for stiffer laws against hate speech. Decrying the policy of integration where all residents and visitors of the Republic of South Africa under the leadership of the ruling African National Congress ANC party are allowed to enjoy beaches and other public areas of the country, Sparrow revealed the continuing racist sentiments of many whites, particularly those who constitute the actual leadership of the DA, which is the second largest political party within the South African parliament in Cape Town, having gained 22 percent of the vote in the national elections of In response to the furor generated over these statements, the DA announced the expulsion of Sparrow saying there was no place for racists within their party.

Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu instructed the board to initiate a probe. These racist comments were not the only ones gaining attention in South Africa in recent weeks. This discussion arose amid the commemorations surrounding the th anniversary of the founding of the African National Congress ANC on January 8.

This liberation movement turned political party is the oldest of such organizations on the continent. Tens of thousands attended rallies and other celebrations throughout the country marking this date when the party was formed at the height of European colonial rule in Africa in In five consecutive national elections sincethe ANC has won well over 60 percent of the vote. The largest opposition party to emerge since the democratic breakthrough of 22 years ago has been the DA.


The organization uses various strategies to recruit and promote Africans in an effort to obscure its racist, neo-liberal and imperialist agenda.

In earlythe DA attempted to stage a march on the ANC headquarters in Johannesburg but was rebuffed by thousands of party supporters who were mobilized to defend their offices.

DA criticisms of the ANC within parliament are clearly designed to agitate for the return of the system of white supremacy and a close alliance with the imperialist states. The ANC has long set out to place our economy on a new growth path that will deracialize the economy and make a fundamental break with the ownership patterns of the past.

The party that wins elections must be given space to govern. The ANC must be given space to govern — this is the fundamental basic principle of democracy and is practiced throughout the world that is why it is called majority rule.

fadel masar mp3

We also wish to remind those who continue to perpetuate division and counter-revolution within our movement ml3 there is no place for them. The continuing depressed value of the national currency, the rand, the rise in joblessness and low wages has triggered various responses including an apparent right-wing oriented demonstration in December demanding the resignation of President Jacob Zuma.

On January 11, there was yet another decline in the value of the rand on international currency markets. This continues a pattern began during which precipitated a change in the masqr ministers twice within the course of a few days during December. This instability in the finance portfolio was credited with a previous drop in the currency value.

An article published by Newscom. The South African unit had recovered somewhat to It was the weakest performer in a basket of 25 emerging market currencies tracked by Reuters. Zuma said in response to the decline that it was an overreaction to overall developments in the global economy.

Some market analysts echoed this assessment although such a phenomenon does not bode well for the immediate future of the country. Other factors involving relations with the U. An announcement was made recently that the outstanding issues related to the refusal of South Africa to accept certain meat products due to health concerns had been resolved.

South African Minister of Trade, Rob Davies, revealed on January 9 that an agreement had been reached to allow the importation of maxar meat products in question.

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Trade Representative Michael Froman said while Washington welcomed the progress made in resolving the outstanding technical issues, the real measure of the resolution would be based on the ability of South African consumers to buy these meats in domestic outlets.

The Obama administration had threatened to suspend South Africa from the trade agreement on January 4. The Act eliminates import taxes on more than 7, products ranging from textiles to manufactured items in 39 African nations.

Dois dos comandos subordinados ao U. Patrick Wintour at the Guardian has described the trade union bill as:. The bill is also a crackdown on democracy. This would mean trade unions would have to have a higher turnout and higher support than our very own government was elected by. The clear aim here is to make it as difficult as possible for people to take industrial action and to make the right to strike a thing of the past.

The trade union bill has been criticised by the Conservative MP, David Davis, who agrees with much of the bill but even he struggled to comprehend how it would be acceptable for his party to implement a plan where people would have to give their names to police. But the Conservative party is now hellbent on making its political rival broke. The proposed changes to unions funding has caused immense concern to the Labour party, the paper reads:. In addition to a staffing review, all contracts would need to be challenged to remove any discretionary costs and offices considered for sale or sublet.

Os fatos falam claramente. Sedes de partidos destruídas, dirigentes linchados, jornalistas torturados e assassinados, militantes queimados vivos na Bolsa do Trabalho de Odessa, civis sem armas massacrados em Marioupol, bombardeados com fósforo branco em Slaviansk, Lougansk e Donetsk.